Windows power shell has command line utility to rename file names recursively.

Here below I have renamed a file maven-metadata-local.xml to maven-metadata.xml under a folder recursively.

1. Go to Windows Start menu and type ‘Windows powerShell’ and click the powershell .

2. Go to the directory where you rename files and type the command similar to below.

The above command search for file name starts with maven-metadata and replace the entire  file name with maven-metadata.xml recursively

Let’s pick the command apart and explain each piece.

List file names starts with maven-metadata

Search recursively

(the pipe character)

Pass the result of first command (get-childitem ) to second command (rename)

Rename the file with maven-metadata.xml


pgn Mass search and rename file names on Windows 7 using Powershell


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pgn Mass search and rename file names on Windows 7 using Powershell

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