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How to reset the forgot WebLogic password 

Today, I have accidently deleted all the users in the Security realm in WebLogic console and stopped the admin server. After that WebLogic is not start up, and It keeps on saying the following error message while starting the server. To resolve this error, I recreated the WebLogic user again which I’ve explained below.Also, you could apply the same solution if you forgot  WebLogic password.

Caused By: javax.security.auth.login.FailedLoginException: [Security:090938]Authentication failure: The specified user failed to log in. javax.security.auth.login.FailedLoginException: [Security:090302]Authentication Failed: User specified user denied


Reset WebLogic admin password:


1. Stop all WebLogic admin and manages servers

2. Back up your domain server ‘data’ directory of both Admin and Managed servers (example: $MW_HOME\user_projects\domains\<DOMAIN_NAME>\servers\Adminserver\data)

3. Open command prompt and go to domain bin directory ($MW_HOME\user_projects\domains\<DOMAIN_NAME>\bin)

4. Run setDomainEnv.cmd

5. Go to domain security folder ($MW_HOME\user_projects\domains\<DOMAIN_NAME>\security)

6. Run the following command. Don’t forget the period at the end of the command. Replace <weblogic> with your username and <weblogic123> with your password. 

7. Delete the data folder in both admin and managed server (example: $MW_HOME\user_projects\domains\<DOMAIN_NAME>\servers\Adminserver\data)

8. Update the boot.properties with your username & password like below only if you changed the credential ( example: $MW_HOME\user_projects\domains\<DOMAIN_NAME>\servers\Adminserver\security\boot.properties )

121416_0106_Howtorecrea1 How to reset the forgot WebLogic password

9. Start the WebLogic again

govindan How to reset the forgot WebLogic password
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govindan How to reset the forgot WebLogic password
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