How to enroll  WebLogic domain using NMEnroll

  • The NMEnroll command adds the WebLogic domain name with its path in file
  • The file gets created by nmEnroll command when it issued at the first time
  • The file located in MW_HOME\oracle_common\common\nodemanager
  • The (or .cmd) uses this file to identify the domain names
  • NmConnect Exception occur if the WebLogic domain is not enrolled

When you copy the command from this post, Delete the single quote and type it manually. Let’s begin to enroll WebLogic domain


  • A WebLogic domain should exist
  • A WebLogic machine should exist or create in the domain
  • Admin Server must be running

Enroll  WebLogic Domain


1. Open a command prompt and go to MW_HOME\oracle_common\common\bin


Cd C:\Oracle\MiddlewareBPM\oracle_common\common\bin


2. Run the wlst.cmd script (.sh in Linux)


030217_0350_Howtoenroll1 How to enroll  WebLogic domain using NMEnroll


3. Connect to the Admin server using connect



1st Argument => WebLogic username

2nd Argument => WebLogic password

3rd Argument => Adminserver URL

Note: If your nodemanager is SSL enabled then connect with t3s://HOSTNAME:SSL_PORT


030217_0350_Howtoenroll2 How to enroll  WebLogic domain using NMEnroll


4. Enroll the WebLogic domain using the following command and exit 




1st Argument => Your Domain Home

2nd Argument => NODEMANAGER_HOME

Note: Always Use forward slash when you specify path. nmEnroll will create nodemanager directory if it not exists


030217_0350_Howtoenroll3 How to enroll  WebLogic domain using NMEnroll


Open the file in the MW_HOME\oracle_common\common\nodemanager folder. Check the domain id added like below


030217_0350_Howtoenroll4 How to enroll  WebLogic domain using NMEnroll



govindan How to enroll  WebLogic domain using NMEnroll
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govindan How to enroll  WebLogic domain using NMEnroll
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