How to create a WebLogic Machine (12C)

  • WebLogic machine is a logical representation of the server that hosts the WebLogic
  • In a clustered environment, each server host a WebLogic machine
  • The managed servers and Admin server can be associated with a WebLogic machine
  • A WebLogic Machine requires a NAME, TYPE, LISTEN ADDRESS & PORT
  • User can create multiple machines in a WebLogic domain
  • The (cmd) script is used to start the machine
  • Once the machine is started, user can control the WebLogic servers like start or stop the servers

Create a WebLogic Machine

1. Login into to WebLogic console http://HOST:PORT/console

2. Click on Machines and select New

030217_0127_HowtoCreate1 How to Create a WebLogic Machine

3. Input a machine name

030217_0127_HowtoCreate2 How to Create a WebLogic Machine

4. Enable the desired Type, port number and click Finish

030217_0127_HowtoCreate3 How to Create a WebLogic Machine

govindan How to Create a WebLogic Machine
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govindan How to Create a WebLogic Machine
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