Access Server Files and directories using WebLogic -Directory -listing

Sometimes, we may have a requirement to access the server files, directory and others files on the server . One such requirement is user wants to access the WebLogic server log files but he does not possess read or write access to the machine. WebLogic provides a handy way to  access the files and directories over HTTP.

To achieve the directory listing, We need to create a simple java web project and add a weblogic.xml  under the WEB-INF directory. We don’t have to write any java class or any jsp file here. The Final project structure is look like below,

Project  >> WEB-INF >> web.xml

Project >> WEB-INF >> weblogic.xml

Project >> index.html

In this section, we are going to create this  web application that lists my below directories.

Directory1: C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home\

Directory2: C:\softwares

The project zip file: public_html


1. Create a java web project using Eclipse or Jdeveloper


2. Create  weblogic.xml and place it under WEB-INF directory

Use the weblogic.xml file  mentioned below as a reference and modify the virtual-directory-mapping as per  your requirement.

The  ‘virtual-directory-mapping‘ in where I have listed my two directories.

Make the  ‘index-directory-enabled‘ to true . If you not set this element, you will get 403 Forbidden exception

The ‘context-root‘ is the context path of your URL. For example http://HOST/filedrive.

3. Create an index.html

I have created this html file for visualization, It has two  URL. Each url is dedicated to a directory.

Note:  the ‘href’ tag in this page and ‘url-pattern‘ in weblogic.xml should match.



4. Make the project as war file and deploy it in WebLogic server.


I have used eclipse to create and deploy this project into WebLogic server.

5. Test the URL in browser


Once I deployed the war file into the WebLogic server, i could access it through the URL by http://HOSTNAME:PORT>/CONTEXT_ROOT.

My project rendered in the browser like below, On clicking on each link , the page  will redirect to the corresponding directory.In the below screenshot, I have clicked the URL ORACLE_HOME
052516_0143_AccessServe3 Access Server Files and directories using WebLogic -Directory listing

The page is redirected and displaying the  directories inside C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home\
052516_0143_AccessServe4 Access Server Files and directories using WebLogic -Directory listing




govindan Access Server Files and directories using WebLogic -Directory listing
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govindan Access Server Files and directories using WebLogic -Directory listing
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