Apply US Visa stamping interview in India 


Next month I’m planning to travel to India from the USA. As of now, I don’t have a valid Visa stamped in my passport, so I applied H1B visa stamping interview for myself and H4 for my wife .

This process involves two steps

1. Fill DS160 for yourself (Principle H1B applicant) and fill another DS160  for your dependent.
2. Pay the money and schedule the interview.

1. Fill DS 160

1. I have gone to the following URL -> Selected my country (India) and Started An Application (DS160)


Capture-300x242 How to apply US Visa stamping interview in India. H1B and H4 together

2. I have Filed a separate DS160 for my wife.

Note:  I have saved the confirmation pages of DS160. The confirmation page has the Confirmation Number. The number is required to schedule the interviews.

2. Schedule the interview

1. I used the below URL, created login and filled the form with the two DS160 confirmation numbers.


While filling the form we end up to a screen like below. Here we can add spouse/relative member by clicking the Add By Name button 


Add_By_Name-1 How to apply US Visa stamping interview in India. H1B and H4 together


2. I paid the payment for my wife and me through my NEFT account. I have used the following URL for reference

3. The next day I got the receipt number in the email from USCIS for the payment. I logged into the URL that I have mentioned in point 1 and scheduled my interview dates with the receipt number for stamping.

Other Useful Information

Below is the some useful information present in the  visa interview confirmation page:

You have scheduled an appointment for a non-immigrant visa to the U.S. Most applicants will have an appointment at the Visa Application Center (VAC), followed by an appointment at the Embassy or Consulate.Please carefully review the important information below. Coming prepared will ensure you the best service possible.

What documents do I need to bring?
Appointment confirmation letter
Your current passport and most recently expired passport
Print out of the DS-160 confirmation page
Supporting documents for your application, as applicable
Documents and photographs for any children under age 14
Who should

Who should come to the appointment?
Only visa applicants may attend the appointment. Friends, relatives, attorneys, business contacts and other
individuals without an appointment may not enter the building, except:
-Applicants under age 18 may be accompanied by a parent or guardian if desired.
-Applicants with disabilities may be accompanied by a caretaker, helper, or interpreter.

Should my children come?
Children under the age of 14 do not need to appear in person to apply for a visa. If you are also applying for a
visa, you may carry your child’s application documents with you, along with one photograph of the child on
white background (2 x 2 inches or 51 x 51 mm) in size. Further photo specifications are available:

When should I arrive?
You should arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.

What items can I bring?

You should bring only the required documents in an unsealed transparent plastic bag or folder. Mobile phones and most purses/bags are not permitted. We do not provide a facility for storage of any items. The following items are prohibited:

  • Battery-operated or electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital diaries, pagers, cameras, audio/video cassettes, compact discs, MP3s, floppy disks, flash drives, memory sticks, Blue Tooth devices, laptop or tablet computers and portable music players
  • Large shoulder bags/purses, travel bags, backpacks, briefcases or suitcases. Only bags that can be carried by hand will be permitted like unsealed plastic bags containing application-related papers , small cloth bags, and zip folders
  • Food or drink items
  • Cosmetics (including, but not limited to, spray perfume/cologne and talcum/baby powder)
  • Sealed envelopes or packages
  • Flammable items such as Cigarettes, cigars, match boxes, lighters
  • Sharp objects, including scissors, pocketknives , pen knives or nail files
  • Weapons, weapon-like objects, or explosive material of any kind
  • Long Handled Umbrella’s (longer than 40 cm when closed)

Note: This list of prohibited items is not exhaustive. Other items may be prohibited at the discretion of security staff. All visitors will be screened with handheld or walk-through metal detectors. These are safe for all individuals, including pregnant women and those with cardiac pacemakers.

How will I collect my visa once it is issued?
Your appointment letter lists the pick-up location you chose when making the appointment. If your visa is approved, you will receive an SMS and email when the passport is ready to be collected. To collect your passport, you must bring an original government-issued photo ID and a photocopy of the ID. Information on how to change your pick-up location or authorize someone else to collect your passport is available at:

For More information about VISAS ans other question. Surf around the following link.

Note: You may receive notifications or contacted by email at your registered email id on your profile before and after your visa seeking process.

pgn How to apply US Visa stamping interview in India. H1B and H4 together


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pgn How to apply US Visa stamping interview in India. H1B and H4 together

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  2. Zeus October 21, 2017 at 8:12 am

    I booked appointment for me and my wife like you suggested and when i went back to appointment history page it shows as h1b for both of us. It’s that normal? In adding spouse dialog it did not ask if she is in h4 visa just ds160 number.

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  5. Govindan Padmanaban July 10, 2017 at 12:10 am

    First, I started the schedule appointment form with my DS160 number. I remember, in the second or third page it has ADD SPOUSE option. There I key in my wife information and her DS160 Number .

    We recently had an appointment at Chennai consulate on NOV 2016. We both went at the same time and gave the interview.

  6. Laugh O Laugh July 9, 2017 at 11:08 pm

    Thanks Govind for the precise information, I have one question – how did you schedule an appointment for both you and your spouse in a single appointment, because I am not seeing an option to keyin two DS160 confirmation numbers.

    Thank you,

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