Direct Aside Transit  / Transit Visa have planned to travel from the USA to INDIA via LONDON HETHREW airport with a layover of 3 hours. I have applied for the UK transit visa in the US because my US H1B visa stamping in my passport has expired.  I would like to share the information about the process of applying for the UK transit visa.

The process includes three steps.

1. Fill the application form
2. Schedule your Bio Metric interview
3. Send the passport and other required document to UK embassy for stamping.

1. Fill the Application Form 

    1. I have gone to the following URL and created a login for me
    2. I created my application by clicking the ‘Apply for Myself’ as shown below and submitted the form
Capture-1-300x139 Ho to apply UK Transit Visa / Direct Aside Transit / DAT?
    1. I have scheduled my interview by going to the BOOK APPOINTMENT
Capture-2 Ho to apply UK Transit Visa / Direct Aside Transit / DAT?

4.  Then I paid for the application. The application fee for the UK transit visa is 47 USD.

5. In the home page of the UK visa, my application view has changed from the pic 2 to the below one. I have printed my application form and my appointment confirmation by clicking the PRINT APPLICATION and VIEW APPOINTMENT button.

Capture-3 Ho to apply UK Transit Visa / Direct Aside Transit / DAT?

6. Multiple emails started came to my email once I paid the payment. They are about the address of biometric interview and address of UK embassy where I have to send the documents.

7. In one of their email,  I have generated my upward, return shipment labels in UPS and paid around 150$ for priority service. (This is not a required step, you can use FedEx or another service for mailing and can skip the priority service). The priority service usually fastens the process.

2. Bio Metric 

The Biometric is usually happen in USCIS office. They’ve taken my fingerprints (all the ten fingers)  and a photo of me. Its normally takes between 15-30 minutes.  I’d reached the office an hour before my appointment, and they allowed me inside.

USCIS office only allows your original passport and the appointment letter.Additionally they allow your wallet and a car key All remaining items are restricted inside the office. So I kept my bag, other documents, cell phones, laptop inside the car.

The officer took my ten prints and the photo of me and finally sealed my bio metric appointment letter.

3. Courier the document to the UK Visa office

1. I have couriered the following document to the UK embassy

Documents I sent

  1. Original Passport
  2. Printed copy of confirmed travel itinerary (I booked in British Airways)
  3. Original I797 visa
  4. Payslips for a month
  5. Appointment confirmation sheet with Biometrics seal
  6. Application  (also, there are two pages in the application that needs to be signed by the applicant, don’t forget!)
  7. One Photo (45mm high and 35mm wide with light background)
  8. UPS return shipment label

UK Embassy address:

USCIS ASC Atlanta Application Support Center
1255 Collier Road, Suite 100

Below is the doc provided to me at Bio Metric interview.

Capture-4-300x274 Ho to apply UK Transit Visa / Direct Aside Transit / DAT?

My actual time was taken

1. 9-Oct-2015, filled the form and scheduled the bio metric interview
2.14-Oct-2015, given the biometric interview and mailed the documents
3.15-Oct-2015 Received acknowledgement from UK Visa Embassy
4. 19-Oct-2015 Received approval email from UK embassy
5. 20-Oct-2015 Received the documents


UK Photo Requirement:
Check if you need UK Visa:
UK Transit Visa Overview:
Forum I referred:

pgn Ho to apply UK Transit Visa / Direct Aside Transit / DAT?


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pgn Ho to apply UK Transit Visa / Direct Aside Transit / DAT?

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