How to debug ADF application

How to debug ADF Application     Many times, we receive errors in the ADF UI like PPR error and other errors in the server's log files. Sometimes, it is hard to find what is the cause of this issue and hard to troubleshoot. Recently, one of our ADF pages has a table that takes [...]

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ADF Table performance on large records

a ADF Table performance on large records I had a requirement to display a table in a page which contains more than 40,000 records. Initially, I have added this as an ADF table with Pagination and assumed it cause no harm to the user. Everything works fine except it takes 3 minutes to load the [...]

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How to find the ADF Bar Chart selected value?

This section we explain how to get the selected value of ADF Bar chart. The ADF Bar Chart supports selectionListener property, using this we can get the selected bar value in the backing bean. The Bar Chart has another property called dataSelection which determines how many bars user can select in the bar chart. The available values of the dataSelection are none, Single, and Multiple.

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How to export ADF Pivot Table into an excel file.

This section we explain how to export an ADF Pivot table into an excel sheet.The component dvt:exportPivotTableData helps to export the table into an excel file and this component requires an ID attribute which is the id of PivotTable and type attribute which is excelHTML.

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ADF Database sequence using Groovy

We may have a database sequence that generate a primary key for the table. During the manual SQL insert query, we refer .nextval to generate the next unique key for the primary key column. We could apply the same solution in ADF Entity object declaratively using groovy expression.

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Oracle ADF Exception Handling – example

In my previous, ADF exception handling post, I have described how to catch an exception that is thrown inside a task flow. This post I am sharing about creating a custom Exception handler java class that will catch any unhandled exception thrown inside the ADF application. Using this we can catch any unhandled ADF exception, orlog the exception in a log file or delegate this exception to it successor. Basically, the custom exceptionHandler java class is extended to

ADF task flow exception handler – Example

This section we walk through about handling ADF task flow exception. I have created an ADF task flow with a 'view activity' which calls a method action called ' Exception Handler' throws a JBP Exception. There is another method action called 'handle Exception' in the same task flow which handles exception

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