How to create ADF DVT Pie Chart from custom SQL Query with Group By option

In this section, we walk through about creating an ADF DVT Pie Chart from a custom SQL Query The below query uses aggregate function SUM and GROUP BY clause of an Employee table which returns salary by Job-Title.

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How to Change ADF DVT bar chart color dynamically

Today we have described how to change a bar chart color based on user input with a simple example. The bar chart is created from a jobs table in HR schema. The X-axis is referring Job-Title and Y-axis is referring to Max-Salary. The page uses component which provides user to change the color. Default, the chart rendered with blue color and the color changes dynamically based on user selection in inputColor component. The final output is below

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ADF DVT: Create a simple Bar Chart from table

ADF Data Visualization components provide user to display data in graphical representation like Chart, Map, Gauze, Pivot table, Gantt Chart, etc. This section we walk through creating a Bar chart from a table (Job table in HR Schema).

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