What is EPS and OBS in Primavera P6


1. About EPS in Primavera P6


  • EPS stands for Enterprise Project Structure
  • EPS are hierarchical nodes where We can create and store projects
  • Imagine EPS represent as a Folder and Projects represent as Files in a Windows File system. Each Folder may contain multiple files. Similarly, Each EPS may contain multiple projects
  • In Primavera P6, a pyramid shaped icon ( 082717_0417_WhatisEPSan1 What is EPS and OBS in Primavera P6 ) represents an EPS
  • EPS is useful to summarize the projects presents under it so we can see the summarized value in EPS level. For Example, We can see the total budget, Start-End date at EPS level
  • EPS allows us to choose the TOP-DOWN budgeting approach. In top-down, we can set total allowed budget in EPS node and share the budget to its child projects
  • In an EPS hierarchy, ROOT EPS is top level, and child EPS is low levels. By default, P6 displays up to 10 levels of EPS
  • Below is the typical EPS hierarchy looks like, Root EPS, Child EPS, Siblings and Projects under an EPS


082717_0417_WhatisEPSan2 What is EPS and OBS in Primavera P6


1.1 How to Create an EPS


Log Into P6 >> Click on the Projects tab >> Select the Standard EPS View >> Right click on the EPS and select either Add Sibling EPS or Add Child EPS



082717_0417_WhatisEPSan3 What is EPS and OBS in Primavera P6


2. About OBS in Primavera P6


  • OBS stands for Organization Breakdown Structure
  • OBS is Hierarchical way to represent Responsible Manager
  • The OBS can be associated with an EPS or Project
  • The associated OBS is responsible for the corresponding EPS or Project
  • We can add users under the OBS, so those users only have access to the EPS and Projects
  • We can Restrict the OBS access (Read/Write/Delete) to an EPS and Project by associating a Project Profile with an OBS
  • By default, any project that we added will have the same OBS what the parent EPS has. We can change it later.
  • The following icon 082717_0417_WhatisEPSan4 What is EPS and OBS in Primavera P6  represents an OBS
  • OBS and Responsible Manager are same object, just different naming convention to understand



2.1 How to create an OBS


Login to P6 as Admin user >> Select User Administration on the top right corner >> Click OBS on the left >> Select an OBS and click ADD


  • The user catgovind has view only access to OBS2 & the user Samuel has Project Manager (Read/Write/Delete) access to the OBS2


082717_0417_WhatisEPSan5 What is EPS and OBS in Primavera P6



  • The OBS2 is assigned to the Enterprise EPS, so the user catgovind has Read-only access to Enterprise EPS & Samuel has Project manager access to Enterprise EPS



082717_0417_WhatisEPSan6 What is EPS and OBS in Primavera P6

govindan What is EPS and OBS in Primavera P6
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govindan What is EPS and OBS in Primavera P6
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