What are the differences between P6 EPPM and P6 Professional Client?

021917_0345_Whatarethed1 What are the differences between P6 EPPM and P6 Professional client

In this section, we walk through a list of major differences between Primavera P6 EPPM and P6 Professional. The version used for the comparison is 16.2

Web Based vs Windows Installer

P6 EPPM is a Web-based application. All we need is a Web Browser and P6 URL to access the P6 application. P6 Web is running on top of Java Applets, so JDK must installed on the client machine. Since P6 15.1 release Oracle Primavera keeps on removing Java Applet dependency from P6 web pages, so in the future,  p6 won’t be dependent on Java. It provides P6 Professional for P6EEPM. 

P6 Professional client is a Windows executable file. Each client or P6 user must install the executable on their individual machine to access P6. P6 Professional comes with 32bit and 64-bit version. The database client must have installed on the machine depends on the version. For example, a 64-bit P6 professional depends on 64-bit Oracle-client.

Different Database Schemas

P6 EPPM comes with five database schemas; they are ADMUSER, PRIVUSER, PUBUSER, BGJOBUSER & PXRPTUSER. The PXRPTUSER is reporting schema dedicated to report development 

P6 Professional comes with four database schemas; they are ADMUSER, PRIVUSER, PUBUSER & BGJOBUSER

Dashboard Feature

P6 EEPM provides three types of a customizable dashboard. They are dashboard (Many Project), Project Workspace (Single Project) and Project Workgroup (Resource in a project). A dashboard is a group of portlets that display scorecard, histogram, pie chart, etc. 

P6 Professional does not support dashboard

Portfolios and Programs

P6 EPPM provides portfolios. The portfolio is a collection of project and program. Using portfolio, user view summary data and status information in a graphical view

P6 Professional does not support Portfolio

Exclusive Lock vs. Check-Out/Check-In

P6 EPPM provides Exclusive-lock feature. When the user opens a project in Exclusive mode. It prevents other users to edit the project.

P6 Professional also has Exclusive-lock feature. Additionally, It has Check-Out & Check In feature. It is like SharePoint check-out. Once user check out the project, the project will be in read-only mode until it check in back

BI Publisher Report vs. Built in Report

P6 EPPM can integrate BI Publisher. Once integrated, P6 user views standard built-in reports or develop reports using BI Publisher.

P6 Professional provides three built-in the reporting tool. They report wizard, report editor, and Visualizer.

Workflow capability

P6 EPPM can integrate with BPM then develop workflows with the help of BPM developer. After that, P6 user invoke those workflows from inside P6

P6 Professional does not support workflows

What If Analysis

P6 EPPM does not support What If analysis.

P6 Professional provides a tool called Reflection that does What-If analysis

Project Template

P6 EPPM supports Project Template, which acts as a format to create a new project.

P6 Professional does not support Project Templates

Global Search vs. Global Change

P6 EPPM supports Global Search & Replace which replace project, WBS, and activities.

P6 Professional has Global Change which makes changes to activities, resource assignment and project expenses at one time.

Top-Down Estimation

P6 EPPM does not support Top Down cost estimation.

P6 professional support Top-Down Estimation that enables you to apply labor, nonlabor, and material resource units to activities in a top-down manner using assigned weights.

Schedule Comparison

P6 EPPM does not support schedule comparison

P6 Professional has a built-in feature called Schedule comparison. It enables you to generate a report that compares revised vs. Original project or revised vs. baseline project.

Timesheet Module

P6 EPPM has timesheet module and Activity status application (Team Member),

P6 Professional does not have any

Document Management

P6 EPPM can integrate with SharePoint, Web center, CMIS. & WP and Docs

P6 Professional supports only WP and Docs which used to maintain work product and document records for the open project

Custom Development

P6 EPPM support P6 Integration API, P6 Web Service and P6 Eventing for custom development

P6 Professional Supports Integration API for custom development

Which tool is best?

From the project management and scheduling perspective, both P6 EPPM and P6 professional both has the same feature, So it depends on the requirement.

If you are looking for a project management tool where less number of users & projects, all using Windows then the P6 professional is the best choice.

If you are looking for a project management tool where more number of users & projects, users using Windows, Linux, workflow capability, document management, analytics, rich reporting feature and custom development then P6 EPPM is the best choice. Also, P6 Professional for EPPM comes with P6 EPPM so that the user can use P6 professional as well.

I have explained some major differences between P6 EPPM and P6 Professional. If you have any questions, please share your comment below 🙂

govindan What are the differences between P6 EPPM and P6 Professional client
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govindan What are the differences between P6 EPPM and P6 Professional client
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