Primavera P6 excel import and export

Who don’t love Excel! We use excel sheet for calculations, create charts, pivot tables, macros and more. This section we will walk through about Primavera P6 Excel import and export support
Primavera P6 Version: 15.2
Following table outlines the excel import/export support in P6 Web

Business Area Import Export Path in P6 (Log in to P6)
Project   Yes Project >> EPS
Activity Yes Yes Project >> Activity
Resource Yes Yes Resources>>Administration>>Resources
Role Yes Yes Resources>>Administration>>Roles
Plan Resource     Resources>>Administration>>Planning
Resource Assignment   Yes Resources>>Administration>>Assignments
Reports   Yes Reports
Risk   Yes Project >> Risk
Location Yes Yes Administrator>>Global>>Location
Funding Sources   Yes Administrator>>Projects>>Funding Sources
Project Codes   Yes Administrator>>Projects>>Project Codes
Activity Codes – EPS   Yes Administrator>>Activities>> Activity Codes – EPS
Activity Codes – Global   Yes Administrator>>Activities>> Activity Codes – Global
Activity Codes – Project   Yes Administrator>>Activities>>Activity Codes – Project
Cost Account   Yes Administrator>>Activities>>Cost Accounts
Resource Codes   Yes Administrator>>Resources>>Resource Codes
Risk Category   Yes Administrator>>Resources>>Risk Category
Issue Codes   Yes Administrator>>Issues>> Issue Codes
Scorecard   Yes Portfolios >> Create View >> New Portfolio View >> Scorecard
Users Count   Yes Administrator>>User Access>>Users>>Count
User Export   Yes Administrator >> Users
OBS   Yes Administrator >> OBS
Global Security Profile   Yes Administrator >> Global Security Profile
Project Security Profile   Yes Administrator >> Project Security Profile
Team Message   Yes Projects >>Spreadsheet>> Team Usage
Portfolio   Yes Portfolio >> Portlets
Scorecard   Yes Dashboard >> Any portlet type is Scorecard

Exporting into excel is easy, P6 export excel sheet when even a user clicks the button ‘export spread sheet’ or ‘export excel’ icon from a business area like Project or activity etc. After that P6 immediately download the excel sheet with the relevant data.

From the above table we could see P6 supports import in three business object, that is Activity, Location and Resources. Below are some useful tips about each imports.

Activity Import

  • Create import template from the activity page >> import/export >> Import template
  • The default template name is ‘ExportDataToSpreadsheet’
  • The import file must be Microsoft Excel XLS file type
  • The first rows in the template is database fields and the rows should not be modified. The second row is description of the first row.
  • Fields marked * are not imported
  • Secure codes are not imported
  • Calculated fields in P6 are not imported
  • P6 automatically adds value if mandatory field is not set, example START_DATE
  • Some of the fields are not imported like Notebook topics, expenses, relationships, resource id, resource name, role ID and role name
  • More than 30 field is supported
  • Activity ID or Activity Name must be the first column of the import excel sheet
  • The import utility creates new activities in your project and it not update any activity
  • If duplicate activity name exist in the import excel sheet, the utility will add it as a new activity
  • Import utility process only the first sheet of the excel sheet and it will ignore remaining sheets if present
  • The Import utility ignores blank rows
  • The duration field time period should match
  • Ensure the consistency of datatypes and Activity code values

Import Locations

  • Create import template file from Administrator >> Enterprise Data >> Global >> Location >> Import
  • Add data and import it back

Import Resources

  • Create Import template from Resource >> Administration
  • Add data and import it back
govindan Primavera P6 Excel import and export support
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govindan Primavera P6 Excel import and export support
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