Primavera Gateway Installation

In this section, we walk through on Primavera Gateway installation on Windows machine. Primavera Gateway required ADF Runtime (FMW) server to support its API, and it should be deployed on the managed server. This section is intended to use in a development environment because the software downloads mentioned below will vary in Production server (

Primavera Gateway Version:

Pre-Requisite Steps:


Download and Install JDK 8 Update 60 in your machine (Click Java installation for instruction)


Download and install the downloaded Oracle XE database on your machine (Click Oracle XE database installation for instruction)


Download and Install Oracle WebLogic 12C on your machine (Click Oracle WebLogic 12C installation for instruction)


Download and install fmw_12. (Click ADF Runtime installation for instruction)


Download Primavera Gateway >> Go to >> Sign In >> Type Primavera Gateway in the search bar >> Choose the Platform to Windows >> Click Continue >> Accept the agreement >> Download ‘Primavera Gateway 15 R2 for Windows X86-64’

021116_0515_PrimaveraGa1 Primavera Gateway Installation

Primavera Gateway Installation:


Unzip the Primavera Gateway downloaded file >> Move into the Primavera_Gateway_15_2_win64\Disk1\install directory >> Double click the setup.exe


The installation wizard opened on the screen, Click Next to continue

021116_0515_PrimaveraGa2 Primavera Gateway Installation


Choose as shown below and click Next

021116_0515_PrimaveraGa3 Primavera Gateway Installation


Choose a directory to install the Gateway software files and click Next

021116_0515_PrimaveraGa4 Primavera Gateway Installation


Click Next

021116_0515_PrimaveraGa5 Primavera Gateway Installation


Input the database connection, ensure sure to enable Service in this wizard to deploy it in the managed server. Managed server supports only Service.

021116_0515_PrimaveraGa6 Primavera Gateway Installation


Choose your installed WebLogic directory and click Next

021116_0515_PrimaveraGa7 Primavera Gateway Installation


Input WebLogic domain password, It will create a WebLogic domain for Primavera Gateway

021116_0515_PrimaveraGa8 Primavera Gateway Installation


Enable the Managed Server Deployment and Click Next

021116_0515_PrimaveraGa9 Primavera Gateway Installation


Specify the MDS database information and click Next

Note: The MDS Schema prefix is the one we created during the RCU creation of fmw_12. (Step 4)

021116_0515_PrimaveraGa10 Primavera Gateway Installation


Input Password for Primavera Gateway and Click Next

021116_0515_PrimaveraGa11 Primavera Gateway Installation


Accept default and click Next

021116_0515_PrimaveraGa12 Primavera Gateway Installation


Click Next

021116_0515_PrimaveraGa13 Primavera Gateway Installation


Click Install

021116_0515_PrimaveraGa14 Primavera Gateway Installation


The installation will be progress on the screen

021116_0515_PrimaveraGa15 Primavera Gateway Installation


Click Next

021116_0515_PrimaveraGa16 Primavera Gateway Installation


Click Finish to complete the installation.

021116_0515_PrimaveraGa17 Primavera Gateway Installation


The Primavera Gateway installation is completed  in your WebLogic domain home directory, Use the startWeblogic.cmd and stopWeblogic.cmd to start/stop the Primavera Gateway

021116_0515_PrimaveraGa18 Primavera Gateway Installation

By default, PGateway is installed on the port 8201 and context is gatewayms (http://localhost:8201/gatewayms).

Log in with your Gateway admin user (gatewayadmin) provided in step 10.


That’s all. Primavera Gateway installation is completed.Please share your comments below 

govindan Primavera Gateway Installation
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govindan Primavera Gateway Installation
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