How to validate Primavera P6 database Schemas



When we upgrade or migrate the Primavera P6 schemas there might of losing DB objects. P6 in-built provide a utility called Validate.bat (or .sh) that checks all the DB object are correctly populated by comparing local copy (file) with the database schema. But this not tells if any indexes are skewed or any objects are invalid, So In this article, I have covered how to check and compile invalid P6 database objects & rebuild missing or invalid indexes. I would suggest run the below tests before running the P6 validation tool.  


Compile Invalid P6 database objects 


  1. Login into Oracle database as SYSTEM or SYSDBA account 


             sqlplus system/<password>@SID


        2. Run the result of the below query; Run until the below query returns 0 results



If any of the objects are not compiling, then expand corresponding schemas and troubleshoot it. For example, many triggers in ADMUSER throws an error if it does not has read access to REPUTIL packages in SYS user. 


Rebuild Primavera P6 Indexes 


  1. Follow the instruction under  P6 EPPM Index Rebuilding for Oracle Databases present in the   DOC ID: 1327603.1  to rebuild all P6 indexes. You need Oracle support account to run this SQL.


Validate the P6 schema 


Click on the P6 Validate schema for instructions to validate Primavera P6 database objects 



govindan How to validate Primavera P6 database Schemas
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govindan How to validate Primavera P6 database Schemas
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