Update primavera P6 activity using Team Member

The project control group needs a way to manage their task, assign resources to the task, review the resource updates who made the changes, approve it and update it into the schedule. It provides a high visibility to their project control groups like who updates the task, what attributes are updated by whom, history of updates, etc. Primavera P6 provides an efficient way to achieve this using Team Member.

In P6, Project Manager could delegate the project activities to a resource or team of resources and assign a reviewer to review the resource updates. The resources will update their assigned task status and attributes using Team Member, and then the reviewer reviews the activity attributes, approve it and update it to the schedule. The Project owner or manager can have delegated the activity/task to non-primary resources, Activity-Owner/Primary resource or both. Also, you can mark the list of activity fields you want your resources to view and update. P6 provides an option to update the resource updates into the schedule without the need of reviewer and many more.

It has many advantages like the team member does not have the project access or P6 access, they only grant access to P6 team member So the team members work only on their assigned activities. Apart from this, the team member, i.e., resources can update the activity status, steps, notebook topics, user defined fields, activity codes, etc. It also facilitates communication between the project control group and the team members.

In this section, we walk through about P6 admin user assigns resources to an activity them the resources updates the activity status using P6 Team Member then admin review it and update it to schedule. Following is the steps

After login into p6 as admin user account

1. Create two resources (Ganesh & Vasanth)

2.Create two Users (Ganesh & Vasanth)

3. Associate Users (Ganesh & Vasanth) to Resource (Ganesh & Vasanth)

4. Create Project

5. Mark Resources Assignment as Team Members and Reviewer as admin

7. Create activity to the project and assign Resources (Ganesh & Vasanth)

8. Login into P6 Team Member as Ganesh and complete the task

9. Login into P6 Team Member as Vasanth and complete the task

10. Go back to P6 as admin, review the activity updates and update into Schedule

The below slide show describes step by step instructions on how to implement the above steps in Primavera p6

Mouse click on the image to move next slide

govindan How to update Primavera P6 activity using Team Member?
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govindan How to update Primavera P6 activity using Team Member?
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