How to manually delete Primavera P6 background job tables and rerun BG job



080617_1714_Howtomanual1 How to manually delete Primavera P6 Background job tables




Sometimes the Primavera Background jobs got struct and do not clean the tables well. We can check this by monitoring the BGPLOG table that I have explained in the post, Primavera P6 Background job. Also, we can quickly check the background jobs are running fine by querying COUNT on ADMUSER.REFRDEL table. If the REFRDEL count is more than 100,000, then there is a high possibility of background job failure.

The solution to this problem is manual delete some of the ADMUSER tables & re-run the background job again.


Delete the Primavera P6 Tables

1) Login to Primavera P6 ADMUSER schema

2) Run the below QUERY to determine how many records are being held in the USESSION and REFRDEL  tables (500,000+)



3) Run the below QUERY & get the Result to disable USESSION constraint


4) Disable the constraints using the query results from the above Query. Example Result:

5) Truncate the following tables


5) Run the below query & Get the result to enable USESSION constraints


6) Run the query from the above Query Result. Example Result:


7) Run the below SQL to initiate the Primavera P6 Background job again


govindan How to manually delete Primavera P6 Background job tables
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govindan How to manually delete Primavera P6 Background job tables
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