How to Create a user in Primavera P6 EPPM?


090217_0432_Howtocreate1 How to create a user in Primavera P6 EPPM


When you install P6 for the first time, the user ‘admin’ comes by default. The user ‘admin’ has full Administration rights and using this account, we can create additional users in P6. A P6 user does not tie up with a role, Even, there is no such thing called ROLE in user administration. You will fail if you search for ROLE/GROUP that you want to associate to a user.

A user can be bind with several Business Objects. It can be Modules,  Resources, Global Security Profiles, and Projects, etc. Although there are other business objects present, they are less used in P6. Some of the other Business Objects are the user interface views, Email, Phone, Portfolios, etc.  Also, Primavera P6 can be integrated into many modules such as P6 Professional P6 API, P6 Web Services, P6 Analytics. Also, there are permissions that list what project a user can see and not. Accumulating all these things under one roof called Role is not possible.So  It is good to understand the P6 permission so you can have a finer level of controls to restrict what a user can see and not.

Primavera P6 EPPM consist of several built in modules.  I have detailed  P6 modules in another post.  For example Constructing a House requires Carpenter, Architect, Plumber, Electrician etc. Each one is an expert in their field and works with others to finish the building. Primavera P6 Modules also built in the similar fashion, the Business user requires Project Modul and Professional access, Java developer requires Integration API module/WebService access to built custom development that not supported by P6, Report developer requires Analytics/Visualizer and Report module access. Each of them is expert in their fields and work with other to finish the project. For example, a business user may have expert knowledge in their corresponding business function and project management stuff so he can use P6 web/professional to implement their projects. Same applicable for team members.


Next, Resources can be assigned to a User. Here Resource means one who requires completing a task in the project; they are either Labor or Non_Labor. A user requires resource access so he can assign those resources to his projects or Activities to complete it.  If a user doesn’t have Resource access then he can’t have access to use the Project Owner field or Resource Assignments in P6. 


Next is the Global Security Profile. On every P6 implementation, there are some business specific fields that do not come with P6. Also, there are Project or Resource or Global Calendars a project can utilize to calculate the forward/backward phase of the project. Usually, P6 admin/Business Analyst requires this access to create these fields. The Global Security Profile gives control to a user to create, delete or delete these fields. Most of the fields are present under Administration >> Enterprise data in P6 EPPM. 


Next is the Project Security Profile, this talks about the level of access rights a user can have in a project. This profile explains about  Read, Write or delete rights to Project. The Project Security Profile simply tells the access rights and it does not tell on what project this permission applies. So we always need to associate this profile with an OBS  when assigning to a user. The OBS contains the list of EPS or Project or WBS. Assume I have created a Read Access profile, when I assign this profile with an OBS to a user then the user will only have read access to that OBS. 

In this section, I walk through on how to create a P6 user with the following four grants.: 


1. List of modules   the user can access in P6

2. List of Resources the user can access in P6

3. Assigning Global Security Profile to a user 

4. Assigning Project Security Profile with an OBS to a user


Create a User in Primavera P6


1. Login to P6 as admin user account. Click on the User Administration under Administration


090217_0432_Howtocreate2 How to create a user in Primavera P6 EPPM




2. Select the Users on the left-hand side and Click the Add button. Fill the Login Name, Personal Name, Password and Confirm Password and Click Add button. This will create a user in Primavera P6



090217_0432_Howtocreate3 How to create a user in Primavera P6 EPPM



3. Now we are assigning the list of resources to a user. Double click on the Resource Access column and select one from the below choices

No Resources => The user will not see any resource in P6

All Resources => The user will see all the resources in P6

Select Resource => The user will see the selected resources in P6


090217_0432_Howtocreate4 How to create a user in Primavera P6 EPPM



4.Here we are associating Global Security Profile to the user. This option gives user to access to application wide information’s. For example, assigning <Admin Superuser> makes the user becomes Primavera P6 Administrator. After that, the user can do everything in P6. The user ‘admin’ has Admin Superuser access In P6


090217_0432_Howtocreate5 How to create a user in Primavera P6 EPPM


5. Select the created user and click on the Module Access tab in the bottom. The blue shaded region contains the list of modules available in P6. Select the modules you want to grant access to the user. Minimum, select the Project module so that he can  to have access to log in to P6 web 


090217_0432_Howtocreate6 How to create a user in Primavera P6 EPPM


6. Select the Project Access tab, click on the Assign OBS to assign project access to the user. Select an OBS with a Project Security Profile and Click Select. 

Note:  Click on EPS and OBS to understand the Responsible Manager. If this dialog box is blank, then you don’t have yet projects or OBS in the Primavera P6.


090217_0432_Howtocreate7 How to create a user in Primavera P6 EPPM


7. The final user will look like below


090217_0432_Howtocreate8 How to create a user in Primavera P6 EPPM


8. Log out and log in as the created user. Now, this user can access to All Resouce access,  with Admin Global rights and can see all project with Admin Super user rights. 


090217_0432_Howtocreate9 How to create a user in Primavera P6 EPPM

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govindan How to create a user in Primavera P6 EPPM
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