What-If analysis in P6 (P6 Reflection)

Primavera professional offers the What-If feature. Using this feature, the user could create a What If project, make multiple scenarios and merge back the scenarios partially or fully into the original project. The What-If is termed as a reflection in P6 Professional.

Click on the below link for step by step instruction with complete screenshot about what-if analysis in P6 

What-If in P6


  • This feature is only available in P6 Professional
  • Only the Project super user can merge What-If project into source project

The process involves three steps

  1. Create What-If project from source project
  2. Create scenarios, ex: Add activity, resource, schedule etc
  3. Merge What-If into source project

1. Create What If Project

  • Login into P6 Professional as project super user

    042216_0516_HowtodoWhat1 How to do What-If analysis in P6 (P6 Reflection)

  • The project window appears on the screen, if not click the project icon as shown in the arrow mark below. Now Right-click the project and select Create Reflection

042216_0516_HowtodoWhat2 How to do What-If analysis in P6 (P6 Reflection)

Behind the scene: A job gets created for creating a what- if project and a link established between the what-if project and the source project

  • Click Ok to the popup
  • Go to the Tools >> click job status. Make sure the latest ‘copy project’ status is completed >> Close the window
  • Refresh P6 Professional by clicking F5
  • A project gets created in professional with the same project name suffixed with ‘-1‘ and the project status is ‘What If’
  • Now create scenarios by adding activity, resources etc
  • After you made scenarios. Right-click the What-If Project >> Select Merge Reflection into Source Project. That’s it.

govindan How to do What-If analysis in P6 (P6 Reflection)
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govindan How to do What-If analysis in P6 (P6 Reflection)
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