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About Primavera P6 EPPM Logs


As we know, Primavera P6 EPPM can be integrated with many applications like OBIEE, BPM, SharePoint etc. Also, many P6 Out of Box functionalities is run as services which run in the background. For Example, Copy and Paste a Project, Import and Export a Project, Publish Project, Summarize Project etc. Anything will break at any time, The Copy Paste project is failed; Fixing an issue without log file is a time-consuming job.


In this post, I have explained how to enable Log file in Primavera P6. Also, I have explained types of Primavera P6 Logs are supported.


Version used: Primavera P6 17.12


Below are the Primavera P6 Log Types


Debug => Log all messages including errors, Warnings, Information’s

Warn => Logs all Errors and Warning

Error => Errors

Info => Information


Let’s begin to enable P6 Log configuration


1. Log into Primavera P6 Web as Admin Super User & Go to AdminConfig URL which is like below




2. Select the configuration used by Primavera P6 Web >> Select Logs >> Enable the logs you want and select the Severity Type


Note: Oracle provides complete HTML view of P6 from 17.6 onwards. If your version is 16.2 or below then go to Step 3


Log => Write logs in Weblogic console

File => Write Logs in a File located in P6EPPM_Home\P6\WebAccessHome (As per the BreBootstrap.xml)

Email => Send Only errors in email


121717_0621_AboutPrimav1 About Primavera P6  Log Files



If you are using Primavera P6 16.2 or below then follow the below navigation



121717_0621_AboutPrimav2 About Primavera P6  Log Files


govindan About Primavera P6  Log Files
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govindan About Primavera P6  Log Files
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