I have planned to install a Solar generator at my home in Madurai, TN, India  and mentioned below the description of the planned estimate.

Construction of Solar generator involved four components.

1. Solar Panels.
2. Batteries
3. Charge Controller.
4. Invertor
5. Wiring, Fuse and Other stuff.

Calculate your house power need

I have calculated the power need for my home by taking my last one-year electric bill.Below is my electric bill of last one year

download-300x178 Calculate cost required to construct a Solar Generator at Home

The  total units consumed last one year = 580+600+570+600+560+630 = 3540 KW

Calculate per day unit consumed =  3540/365 days

= 9.59 KW

On an average, my home consumed 10KW per day.
On a maximum, my home consumed =  630units/61 days = 10.32KW

My Home power consumption = 10KW per day

Now calculate the amount of Solar panel required for my home 

I need a solar panel that produces 10KW per day. For this, we need average sunshine my place could receive throughout the year. Please note that the solar panel produces energy based on light and not because of heat or temperature.

The following URL helped me to calculate the average sunshine throughout the year.


Jan 2015 => 268 hours
Feb 2015=> 268 hours
Mar 2015=>294 hours
Apr 2015=> 290 hours
May 2015=>280 hours
Jun 2015=> 203 hours
Jul 2015 => 185 hours
Aug 2015 =>194 hours
Sep 2015 => 199 hours
Oct 2015 => 195 hours
Nov 2014=> 183 hours
Dec  2014=>204 hours

Average sunshine in  year = 2762 hours

A day sunshine = 2752/(365 days) =  7.5 hours
Least sunshine = 183/30 = 6.1

On an average, we have 6-7 hour sunshine throughout the year. So we need to calculate the Solar panel that could produce a power of 10KW in 6 hours.

It is easy,   10KW/6 = 1.66KW  panels.

I need seven 250W solar panels

Battery Storage requirement 
We have already calculated the power consumption, that is 10KW per day. I need a battery that could store 10KW.

Always consider the battery storage is more than the power consumption because if the battery is drained regularly it will reduce the lifetime.  So I am adding 5KW extra storage to my battery.

Watt = Volt * Current
Battery requirement  = 2 * 12V 150AMP ()

I need a two batteries of 12V 150AMP capacity

Calculate the Charge Controller

Charge controllers are essential to prevent overcharging or completely draining a battery. It is located in between the Solar panels and batteries.Such action can reduce battery performance and the lifespan of a battery dramatically.

Charge Controller = 2KW/12v = 150Amp charge controller.

I need a 150Amp charge controller

Calculate the Invertor required

An invertor for at least 2KW  continuous power rating


To power up my home completely by Solar generator. I required the following components

  • Seven 250waat solar panels
  • Two 12V 150Amp battery
  • One 150A charge controller
  • One 2KW Invertor
  • Copper wires, Fuse and switches.


  • 7 * 250WMono Crystalline  Solar Panel = 7*12,500 Rs.  =  87,500 Rs.
  • 2 * Exide 12V 150Amp batteries = 2*18,000Rs = 36,000 Rs.
  • One Phocos 12V 30Amp Charge Controller  =  3,500Rs
  • One JWala 2KW 12V Solar PCU Invertor= 25, 000 Rs
  •  Wires, Fuse and switches    = 2,000 Rs. 
  •  Labor = 4,000 Rs.  
Total =  1,58,000 Rs.
  • Points 

    1. PhotVoltic/Solar cells lifetime is around 25 years.
    2. Batteries are costly
    3. Most widely used batteries are lead-acid batteries and Nickel-Cadmium battery
    4. Batteries are last longer if they are not over charged or over drained too much, that’s what a charge controller does.
    5. Electricity generated by the PV system is direct current, DC
    6. An inverter is required to convert this DC to AC
    7. Wiring, Junction boxes, wiring, grounding equipment, over current protection, AC and DC disconnects and other accessories are required.



pgn Calculate cost required to construct a Solar Generator at Home


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pgn Calculate cost required to construct a Solar Generator at Home

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