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Oracle ADF Tutorial (12C)

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ADF stands for Application Development Framework is a J2EE framework to develop Enterprise level applications. Using ADF,

  • Developer can develop Web, Mobile and Desktop applications declarative.
  • ADF follows MVC architecture.
  • ADF Task flow is used to create Page Navigation
  • ADF can be reused. For Example: We can export the ADF View project into a jar file and it will be used in another application
  • JSF is used to design web pages. ADF has many UI components like text field, table, icon etc. For example We can create a UI table with filter by simply drag and drop the UI components into a JSF page
  • ADF supports AJAX
  • ADF supports Data visualization components. It supports all types of charts, graphs, and maps.
  • More….

In this ADF Tutorial section, I have covered creating a web application using ADF.


Setup the Environment


1. How to install JDeveloper – JDeveloper is an IDE from Oracle used to create ADF application


About Integrated WebLogic server


Where is JDeveloper user home directory & how to change it in Windows

How to setup integrated WebLogic Server domain directory in JDeveloper 12C

How to recreate Integrated WebLogic Server Default Domain in JDeveloper?


Setup HR Schema in WebLogic


About Database Adapter configuration in WebLogic server


ADF Basics


Create your First ADF Application and Generate Java classes from AppModule & Entity Objects 

About ADF Entity Java class – test AppModule

How to Expose AppModule Java method in ADF

How to count table rows – Example

How to insert a row in a table programmatically in ADF – Example

How to delete a row in a table programmatically in ADF – Example

How to iterate view object programmatically in ADF – Example

How to create an ADF entity object view object – Example

How to create a relationship in Entity Object in ADF – Example


ADF and Groovy


ADF Groovy – Example

How to access other ADF view object attributes using Groovy – Example

How to access AppModule method in Groovy expression in ADF



ADF Basics


About ADF View Criteria – Example

How to Apply ADF View Criteria in AppModule Java class – Example

Create your first ADF Application and deploy it in WebLogic server – example

About ADF Page Definition File and Data Binding.cfx file

What is an ADF Backing Bean

How to refer Bind variable in JSF page using EL – Expression Language

How to access ADF Binding Context and Binding container variable in backing bean

How to debug java class in ADF

How to synchronize ADF Entity Object with database table

How to call an ADF Application Module from servlet

How to use DB Sequence in ADF

How to use DB sequence using Groovy in ADF


ADF Validation


Simple Attribute level validation in Entity Object in ADF – Example

Simple Entity Object validation using Groovy in ADF – Example

How to create an Oracle ADF form validation

ADF client-side validation – Email validation

ADF Server-side validation – Email Validation

Create an ADF custom Validator – example

How to customize ADF Validator Message


ADF Template


Create an ADF Template – example


ADF Exceptional Handling


Oracle ADF Exception Handling – example

ADF DC error handling using DCErrorHandlerImpl


ADF UI Components


How to create an Oracle ADF Form – Example

Create an auto populate ADF SelectOneChoice – Example

How to turn off Oracle ADF form validation – Example

Create an ADF Master Detail table – Example

Create a Dynamic ADF form – Example

How to create ADF Tree Table – Example

How to create an ADF Tree Table Programmatically – Example

How to show an ADF popup programmatically – Example

Oracle ADF FacesMessage – example

Create an ADF table from Java Array List – Example

How to create an ADF tree table programmatically with check box selection – Example

ADF Dynamic Region – Example

Oracle ADF File Upload – example

ADF ListView – Example

ADF file upload validation

ADF File Download – example

ADF Table Pagination – example

About ADF ListView – Load More

How to stretch the width and height of an ADF Table – afstretchwidth

How to set Default selection in ADF SelectOneRadio

How to change default ADF component text


ADF Security


How to enable ADF Security in ADF application

How to enable ADF security and deploy in Standalone WebLogic server

Create a Login Logout using ADF Security


ADF Icons


ADF Icon – example

How to use JDeveloper built in ADF icon in JSF pages?


ADF Library Jar file


What is ADF Library jar file

How to package jar file with external library in JDeveloper 12C

How to create third party library in JDeveloper 12C


ADF Task Flow


ADF Unbounded task flow Example

what is ADF Bounded TaskFlow – Example

Bounded Task flow – Navigation Example

ADF Bounded Task Flow – Return Activity Example

ADF Task Flow Parent action activity – Example

ADF Method Call Activity in a Bounded Task Flow

How to pass parameters between ADF task flow – Example

ADF Router activity in Task Flow

ADF wildcard control flow rule

ADF Save Point Restore activity

ADF Train Task flow – example

ADF task flow – exception handler – Example


ADF DVT Component


ADF DVT: Create a simple Bar Chart from table

How to Change ADF DVT bar chart color dynamically

ADF DVT Pie chart Example

How to create ADF DVT Pie Chart from custom SQL Query with Group By option

How to create Donut Chart from Pie Chart in ADF DVT?

Create an ADF Gauge Chart inside Table

How to create an ADF Pivot Table example

How to create ADF DVT Pie Chart from custom SQL Query with Group By option

How to export ADF Pivot Table into an excel file.

How to find the ADF Bar Chart selected value?

How to change ADF Bar Chart Properties at run time?

How to create an ADF Bar Chart Programmatically?

How to create an ADF Gantt Chart Programmatically – Project Gantt

Create ADF Project Gantt Chart with Subtask and dependency from ADF Table


Errors and Troubleshooting


ADF SECURITY ERROR: Accessing the application module property on class oracle.jbo.server.viewRowImpl is not permitted

The Server Instance cannot be started because the     WebLogicServer Domain was not built successfully.

ADF Error: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: oracle.adf.model.servlet.ADFBindingFilter

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