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How to Schedule BI Publisher report


040217_0333_HowtoSchedu1 How to Schedule BI Publisher report

Some repots takes more time to fetch data, some take more time for render & some has both. The reports which take more time to deliver must be scheduled.For example, the default session time out of BI Publisher is 16 minutes, and a report needs more than 16 minutes. When running this report and BI Publisher is IDLE for more than 16 minutes the report that ran would be discarded.


Also, some time the Ad-Hoc report also needs to be scheduled based on the requirement. A company may ask the BI Developer for performance report every week. Instead of running the report every week manually, we can schedule it on every week.


Scheduling a report is simply run a report at a specified time. The time may be now, a specific date and time, run every night, etc. BI Publisher used QUARTZ for scheduling a report. The scheduler asks for a delivery method to deliver the report. It may be Email, FTP, Fax, Printer etc.


If your BI Publisher is running in a clustered environment, then BI Scheduler needs a Shared folder. Look at the pre-requisite for the instruction to configure and diagnose BI Publisher Scheduler. This section, we walk through how to schedule BI Publisher report.

One of my previous post I have explained how to create a report in BI Publisher. I am going to use that report for scheduling.


Configure BI Publisher Scheduler

Configure atlease one delivery method in BI Publisher: 


Schedule a BI Publisher Report


1. Login into BI Publisher. The URL is http://HOST:PORT/xmlpserver


2. Click New and select Report Job


040217_0333_HowtoSchedu2 How to Schedule BI Publisher report



3. Using the search icon to select a report you want to schedule


040217_0333_HowtoSchedu3 How to Schedule BI Publisher report


4. Click on the output tab and select a delivery method. I chose FTP as my delivery method. The scheduler places the report in the FTP Server after it ran successfully. Make sure to configure all the parameters correctly. Select the correct timezone


040217_0333_HowtoSchedu4 How to Schedule BI Publisher report


5. Click on the Schedule button to specify the time or trigger


Define Schedule Time: Set an interval or time or run now

Define Scheduler Trigger: The report runs on a specific event. At least one event trigger must be specified in the Data Model to select this option


040217_0333_HowtoSchedu5 How to Schedule BI Publisher report


6. Click om the notification tab for the email notification of the report. You must configure BI Publisher Email Delivery option to see this tab


040217_0333_HowtoSchedu6 How to Schedule BI Publisher report


7. Click on the Diagnostic and toggle on both the check boxes for troubleshoot the BI report in case your report failed


040217_0333_HowtoSchedu7 How to Schedule BI Publisher report


8. Click on the Submit button to submit the report


040217_0333_HowtoSchedu8 How to Schedule BI Publisher report


9. Give a name to see the status of the report & Click Ok


040217_0333_HowtoSchedu9 How to Schedule BI Publisher report


10. Click Ok on the alert box


040217_0333_HowtoSchedu10 How to Schedule BI Publisher report


10. To see the status of the scheduled BI Publisher report, Click on the Home and select Report Job History


040217_0333_HowtoSchedu11 How to Schedule BI Publisher report

11. The Report is successful because I selected RUN NOW in STEP 5 so It ran immediately. The report will be saved in the FTP Server. Now click on the report job to see the logs


040217_0333_HowtoSchedu12 How to Schedule BI Publisher report


13. Download and analyze the logs if your report is failed.


040217_0333_HowtoSchedu13 How to Schedule BI Publisher report

govindan How to Schedule BI Publisher report
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govindan How to Schedule BI Publisher report
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    My session times out giving Your session has expired popup when ever i click on submit after scheduling a report.
    Kindly help

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