Maven Commands

maven-300x104 Useful Maven commands

Install Maven

Download and Install Java
Download Maven.
Unzip the downloaded file in a directory.
export variable M2_HOME to the unzipped directory
export variable PATH to M2_HOMEbin

Example in Unix:

Uninstall Maven

Delete the directory where the maven is unpacked
Delete the  .m2 directory present under USER_HOME (i,e., c:users.m2)
Delete the env. variables M2_HOME
Delete the .M2_HOME\bin in PATH variable

Maven Command line reference

The below maven commands creates  a project in current directory
 The below maven command Compile the project source.
The below maven command run the test cases of the project
To compile and Run unit test
The below command package the projects as an ear, jar, sar or other format mentioned in the POM file 
The below command generates reports of the project
The below command deploy the project as an archive file in local directory or to a server
 Compile, Package and deploy into remote repository

Install the packaged archive file in local/remote repository, that is c:\users\.m2\repository or archive

Delete and install the project in local repository


pgn Useful Maven commands


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pgn Useful Maven commands

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