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JSF_VALUE_EXPRESSION JSF Value Expression Example


In JSF page, Using EL expressions we can refer the Java bean properties and methods. Either we display a Java bean variable in UI or call a Java bean method on a button click. The EL expression supports both. The syntax of EL/Value expression is #{object.value}

As we already discussed in my previous Java Bean post, A bean consists of setter and getter methods. The SETTER methods are for inserting data and GETTER methods are for reading data. Similarly, the value expressions call those methods based on the UI component/argument they are residing. Before diving into JSF Value Expression example, Look at the following rules

To access a primitive data  property in a bean: #{user.username}  => String getUsername() 

To access an Array or ArrayList: #{ user.address[‘0’] }   => String[] getAddress() 

To access a Hash Table or Hash Map: #{ user.stocks.apple} => stocks.put(“apple”,”12121″)

To call a method: #{user.doProcess} =>  public void doProcess(){}

To call a method with an argument: #{user.doProcess(‘Govind’)} => public void doProcess(String name )


The Value Expression calls the SETTER or the GETTER methods based on the UI component. For Example: 

  • If you use Value expression in <h:inputText value=#{user.username}> then it calls the SETUsername() method in user bean 
  • If you use Value expression in <h:outputText value=#{user.username}> then it calls the getUsername() method in user bean


Let’s look at the following example.

  • The annotation @ManagedBean makes this Java Bean class into Managed Bean that I will cover in my next post 
  • The following Managed bean contains setter/Getter methods for a String, Boolean, Array[], ArrayList, HashTable data types; Two custom methods 



The Following JSF page reads the above Managed Java Bean class properties,  and the custom methods. So simple right. 



Output of the JSF page in the Browser: 




Tomcat console prints the following When the Method ad MethodWithArgument button is clicked


setUsername() called with value ‘username property’
Method Called
setUsername() called with value ‘username property’
Method with Argument called


Download JSF Value Expression Example Project t: JSF Value Expression Example


govindan JSF Value Expression Example
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govindan JSF Value Expression Example
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