JSF selectbooleancheckbox Example

The JSF selectBooleanCheckBox renders an HTML <input> component of type checkbox. Here below is the JSF and its corresponding HTML tag


JSF => <h:selectBooleanCheckbox />

HTML => <input type=”checkbox” id=”j_idt2:i1″ name=”j_idt2:i1″ checked=”checked” />


JSF h:selectBooleanCheckBox Example

The below form has a h:selectBooleanCheckBox bound to the backing bean property ‘human’. The backing bean prints the status of checkbox when the users hits the submits button




Below is the backing bean class. The boolean property bound to the selectBooleanCheckbox




The h:selectBooleanCheckBox renders like below in the browser


JSF_SelectBooleanCHeckBox_Example-1 JSF selectbooleancheckbox Example



Download the JSF Project



govindan JSF selectbooleancheckbox Example
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govindan JSF selectbooleancheckbox Example
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