JSF Internationalization Example

JSF reads the language-specific property file automatically depends on the default language sets in the browser. We need to create a property file for each language our project is supporting. For example, if your project supports two locals, French, German and the default English locale. Click ISO 631-1CODES to find the locale for each language.

Constant.properties (Default, English Local)

Constant_fr.properties (French Local)

Constant_de.properties (GERNAL local)


JSF Internationationalization Example 


As you see below, I have two property files in my project. One is French and other is default, English, 


JSF_Localization JSF Internationalization Example


The file constants_fr.properties has  


The fie constants.properties has 



I registered both the locale specific property files in faces-config.xml file 



Belos is my Managed Bean class, session scoped.  The changeLanguage method changes the locale over the session



Below is the JSF page; The outputText change the message based on the button clicked.  



My browser default language is English so the page loads with Hello


100117_2354_JSFInternat1 JSF Internationalization Example


The message changed after the button French is clicked. The button calls the changeLanguage method in USser bean and changes the locale in the session. 


100117_2354_JSFInternat2 JSF Internationalization Example


Download JSF Internationalization Project : JSF Internationalization Example

govindan JSF Internationalization Example
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govindan JSF Internationalization Example
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