JSF InputFIle – FileUpload Example


The JSF InputFile component is used to upload files from client machine. The uploaded files will be saved in the server. Below is the h:inputFIle component and its corresponding HTML tag


JSF => <h:inputFile value=”#{fileupload.uploadedFile}” />

HTML => <input type=”filename=”j_idt4” />


The below example explains about JSF File Upload.


JSF h:inputFile Example


Below is the index.jsf Page; An h:inputFile component inside Form. Also note I mentioned an mandatory HTML attribute for file uploads enctype=”multipart/form-data”.




Below is the Backing bean class. I bound the InputFile field with the part attribute. The Part class is present under serlet-api.jar file which presents under the tomcat\lib directory. Also notice, I saved the uploaded file to my c:\ drive.




This is how the above JSF page look likes in the browser. I uploaded a file Notice.txt and it saved in the folder c:\\file.

JSF_FileUpload_Example JSF InputFile File upload Example


Download the Source Code:

govindan JSF InputFile File upload Example
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govindan JSF InputFile File upload Example
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