What is JSF?

JSF is a server side component specification framework for developing web application

JSF uses Facelets as the default view handler

JSF fully supports expression language EL and JSTL

JSF support reusable UI components that support AJAX

JSF is part of J2EE

JSF established Model View Controller (MVC) framework

JSF has two principal components, ‘programming model’ and ‘tag libraries.’


A simple server-side Java API to design GUI components

Ajax friendly

Reusable UI components

Model View Controller framework

Browser interoperability (Java is creating UI)

single controller file for request and response (facesServlet)

Portlet Integration

Easy to develop

Annotation Support

Additionally, the following are supported

  • state management across request and response,
  • Page Navigation,
  • Internationalization & Localization,
  • Event handling,
  • Validation,
  • Conversion,
  • Bookmarking,
  • Automatically stores UI component data into Java object (Java Bean)

JSF History

Below are the Stable JSF releases over the year

JSF 1.0 released in 2004

JSF 1.1 released in 2004

JSF 1.2 released in 2006

JSF 2.0 released in 2009

JSF 2.1 released in 2011

JSF 2.2 released in 2013

Where to download JSF 2.2

Stable releases of JSF were deployed in Maven central repository. Please follow the instruction in JSF Maven link to add JSF dependency in your project.

If you want to unzip the jar file and explore the package or add the jar file in your project/server manually, then click the following link to download the JSF jar file (javax.faces-2.2.9.jar)

IDE to develop JSF application

Following are the popular IDE’s used today to develop JSF application

Eclipse for J2EE


IntelliJ IDEA


Below are the J2EE packages is often useful to develop JSF


javax.faces.component.* (UI and Other components)

javax.el.* (Expression Language)

Click here for the JAVA API document for JSF 2.2

JSF Packages structure in Windows file explorer

020616_2356_Introductio1 Introduction to JSF 2.2

The up-coming sections we will use Eclipse for the development IDE and Tomcat for deployment server.

govindan Introduction to JSF 2.2
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govindan Introduction to JSF 2.2
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