Add JSTL jar in Eclipse

In this section, we describe about adding the JSTL jar files in Eclipse Project. The Following two section covered in this section

1. Download JSTL Jar fields

2. Add JSTL jar files into JSF project

Download JSTL Jar file

1. Go to the JSTL download link and download JSTL jar file. Click each link and download javax.servlet.jsp.jstl-api-1.2.X.jar and javax.servlet.jsp.jstl-1.2.X.jar jar files.

020716_2341_AddJSTLjarf1 Add JSTL jar in Eclipse

Add JSTL Files in JSF Project in Ellipse

Open Eclipse >> Right click your Project >> Select Properties >> Select Project Facets >> Java Server Faces Click Manage Library 020716_2341_AddJSTLjarf2 Add JSTL jar in Eclipse

020716_2341_AddJSTLjarf3 Add JSTL jar in Eclipse

Click New

020716_2341_AddJSTLjarf4 Add JSTL jar in Eclipse

Type JSTL in the input box

020716_2341_AddJSTLjarf5 Add JSTL jar in Eclipse

Select the library JSTL >> Click Add External Jar >> Choose the downloaded two jar files >> Click Ok

020716_2341_AddJSTLjarf6 Add JSTL jar in Eclipse

Enable the checkbox against JSTL and click Apply

020716_2341_AddJSTLjarf7 Add JSTL jar in Eclipse

govindan Add JSTL jar in Eclipse
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govindan Add JSTL jar in Eclipse
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