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The Role in JDeveloper 12C is categorizing the development work. In a software project, there are developers like Database Developer, Java Developer, J2EE Developer Or a person do all the operations. JDeveloper Role is similar to the one.

By default, the JDeveloeper has the following roles when you open It. The Role Studio Developer is the default one and it has all the features.

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Studio Developer (All Features)

All the JDeveloper features are enabled; this is the default Role
Database Developer Core Database Features
Java Developer Core Java Development
J2EE Developer Java & J2EE Development
Customizing Developer Customize Meta Data application
SOA Patch Developer For Patch developers

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You can create your own Role. Go to <ORACLE_HOME>\jdeveloper\jdev\roles as similar as below then copy and paste the file ‘oracle.fusion.cust.role’, rename it with proper name and make necessary changes to that file.

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Open JDeveloper >> Go to Tools >> Switch Roles >> Change the Role as shown below. The bullet mark indicated in front of the role is the one you opened.

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