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How to set JDeveloper default browser (12C)

When we run a web application from JDeveloper, the application deploys and opens in a browser. The default browser setting at system level won’t affect the JDeveloper. We need to set the JDeveloper default browser settings manually in the preferences. Follow the instruction to set it

1. Open JDeveloper 12C

2. Go to Tools in the menu bar > Select Preferences

3. In the Preferences dialogue box, Select Web Browser and Proxy > Enable a browser under the Web Browsers tab as shown below

092016_0216_Setdefaultb1 How to set JDeveloper default browser (12C)

Here I have selected Chrome as default browser so my application runs on chrome by default

govindan How to set JDeveloper default browser (12C)
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govindan How to set JDeveloper default browser (12C)
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