Create WebLogic domain

The following tutorial explains how to create weblogic domain in Windows machne

Pre-Requisite: Weblogic is installed in the system, ( Click  Weblogic 12C installation for installation instruction of WebLogic  on Windows)


1. Go to the weblogic home > wlserver >> common >> bin . Double click on the config.cmd file.

png-2-300x162 Create WebLogic domain -12C


2.  Weblogic config wizard opens on the screen. Set your domain as shown below and click Next

png-4-300x171 Create WebLogic domain -12C



3.  Choose ‘basic WebLogic domain’ as shown below and click Next

png-5-300x193 Create WebLogic domain -12C


4. Enter your password for WebLogic and click Next

png-6-300x168 Create WebLogic domain -12C


3.  Choose the environment (Dev/Prod), Choose JDK location if you have Java installed otherwise accept the first one and  Click Next

png-7-300x167 Create WebLogic domain -12C


4. Check ‘Administartion Server’ and click Next. The remaining two check boxes are for the cluster type installation  so it remains unchecked.

png-8-300x179 Create WebLogic domain -12C


5. Accept the first two as it is 
change the ‘Listen Port’ if you want another port number.
Enable SSL if you want to access the WebLogic URL through HTTPS and provide the port for SSL.

png-9-300x169 Create WebLogic domain -12C


5.  Click Create to create WebLogic domain

png-10-300x177 Create WebLogic domain -12C


6. Click Next

png-11-300x180 Create WebLogic domain -12C


7. Click Finish to close the wizard

png-12-300x173 Create WebLogic domain -12C


Start WebLogic admin

1. Go to the WebLogic domain directory just we created, it reside under ORACLE_HOME/user_projects/domains//bin.

ORACLE_HOME is where the wlserver folder is present
DOMAIN_NAME is the name we provided in the first step.

png-13-300x161 Create WebLogic domain -12C


2. Double click the startWeblogic.cmd, it execute in a command prompt and ends in ‘RUNNING’ state as shown below

png-14-300x172 Create WebLogic domain -12C


Note: If it prompts for username and password, the username is ‘WebLogic’ & password is what we input in step 4.

3. Open browser and type http://localhost:7001/console

Here the port name is what we mentioned in Step 5.  The username is WebLogic and password is what we input in step 4.

png-15-300x115 Create WebLogic domain -12C


4.  The home page of WebLogic 12C

png-16-300x156 Create WebLogic domain -12C


pgn Create WebLogic domain -12C


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pgn Create WebLogic domain -12C

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