How to rewrite URL in JSF using PrettyFaces?

Pretty Faces is an open source solution to rewrite URL in JSF and J2EE frameworks. It makes the URL pretty and SEO-friendly. As an example, We could replace our JSF URLs from /faces/* to /* in 2 minutes. In this section, we have mentioned how to rewrite URL in JSF using Pretty Faces

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JSF 2.0 Explicit Navigation

Explicit navigation in JSF is setting the navigation rule in the JSF-CONFIG.xml. We have described an example below to describe the explicit navigation. We created a landing page called index.xhtml which has two buttons, home and dashboard as shown below. When a user clicks the button home, the page moves to home.xhtml and when a user clicks the button dashboard, the page moves to dashboard page using the navigation rules mentioned in the faces-config.xml.

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How to create a Managed bean in JSF 2

Managed bean is similar to java bean class contains setter & getter methods and business logic. We can use the managed bean class property directly in the JSF pages. A normal java bean can be a managed bean by mentioned annotation @managedbean on top of the class. This section we have described an example of creating a simple managed bean with property and use the property in the XHTML file.

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Install Web Tool Platform (WTP) and Enable Visual Editor for JSF in Eclipse

install wtp in eclipse WTP tool in Eclipse provides efficient way to develop JSF project in eclipse  The WTP plugin must be installed to visually editing the JSF pages. Below two items are covered in this section 1. Installing WTP 2. Enable Visual Editor for JSF Install WTP Tool 1. Open Eclipse >> Help >> Install New Software [...]

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