How to install WordPress on XAMPP on Widows

Installing WordPress in your local machine provides you lots of flexibility to play WordPress. You can make the local XAMPP server as a development server for all your R&D works. You could apply any changes to the local WordPress server and check if it works properly before making any changes directly in the production website. You can also validate like Installing a plugin in local for compatibility issue, customizing the CSS styles for WordPress theme, try different themes and verify which gives the proper look and fee

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Hot to set custom URL in WordPress

WordPress, setting has an option called 'Permalink'. What it can do is It replaces all the ugly URL's into nicer one User can format their URL structure If you are customizing your URL, make sure the URL ends with either %postname% or %post_id% so that each permalink points to an individual post. The permalink option [...]

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Import existing WordPress blog into the new WordPress site

WordPress Version: 4.4.1 Step1: Download your existing WordPress blog as an XML file or Click the following link for the instruction. Step2: Open your WordPress URL and append wp-admin at the end of the URL, navigate to Plugin and click Add New as shown below, This will take you to Plugin Install wizard Step 3: [...]

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Change favicon on Google Blogger

change favicon blogger Favicon is an image shown in the browser tab of every website. In the below image, the letter B with background  Orange colour icon is favicon.      Below I’ve mentioned how to change a favicon with a custom one for Google blogger. Login into Blogger >> Select the blog >> Click [...]

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