In this section, I have shared you some of the most useful plugins for WordPress. All are free plugins except Akismet and most of the plugin offer pro service as well.

Anti-Spam Plugins:

Akismet – Paid plugin and used by millions. It checks all your incoming blog comments and filter out the ones that look like spam.

Antispam Bee – Free plugin and used by more audience (200000). Similar to above, it works very well, and I have used this for my site for long.

JetPack Plugin:

JetPack – Free Plugin, giving you traffic growth, statistics, speeding, sitemap, Security, sharing your post to social media like Facebook, Twitter and many more.

SEO Plugin:

Yoast SEO – Free plugin, quickly optimizes your WordPress site and makes it Search engine optimizable.

All in One SEO Pack – Free plugin, similar to above.

Cache Plugin:

WP Super Cache – Free plugin, it caches all your blog posts & pages and respond back the cached page to the user. This will boost your site performance.

W3 Total Cache – Free plugin, Similar to above.

Reduce image size:

WP Smush – Free plugin, It reduce the size of all your blog images and speed up the site performance.

Clean WordPress Database:

WP Sweep – Free Plugin, Clean duplicated records, deleted post and Orphaned records from WordPress database

Firewall and Security:

Wordfence Security – Free plugin, Protecting your site from hacks and malware

BueProof Security: Free plugin, Same as above.

Image Gallery:

NextGen Gallery: Free Plugin, more than 13 million downloads. Provides slideshow, thumbnails, image gallery and many more. Click here for demo.

Open Links in new Window.”

open-external-links-in-a-new-window: Free plugin, Open all external links in a new Window

Google Search:

WP Google Search: Free Plugin, provides Google search feature on your site

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics by Yoast – Free plugin, Activate Google Analytics on WordPress site,

Post Highlighter:

Crayon Syntax Highlighter – Free and very useful plugin. Can highlight URL, syntax, code and post text. Click here for screenshots

Sumo Me:

Sumo Me: Very good marketing plugin, useful to market your website, grow your email list, social sharing and analytics.


Grammarly–   This is not a WordPress plugin. You can install it as the browser addon or Microsoft Word plugin. it corrects most of your grammar errors and spelling mistakes.



govindan Top and most useful WordPress plugins
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govindan Top and most useful WordPress plugins
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