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Favicon is an image shown in the browser tab of every website. In the below image, the letter B with background  Orange colour icon is favicon. 


Capture-23-300x224 Change favicon on Google Blogger


Below I’ve mentioned how to change a favicon with a custom one for Google blogger.
Login into Blogger >> Select the blog >> Click Layout >> Click Edit in Favicon >> upload your image >> save it

Capture-24-207x300 Change favicon on Google Blogger         
Capture-25-300x236 Change favicon on Google Blogger      

03_thumb%25255B3%25255D Change favicon on Google Blogger    
Capture-26-300x170 Change favicon on Google Blogger   

That’s it!. Below image displayed the changed favicon in the browser tab.

Capture-27 Change favicon on Google Blogger


pgn Change favicon on Google Blogger


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pgn Change favicon on Google Blogger

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