What is ADF Library Jar File?

An ADF Library Jar is like another jar file, but it contains ADF related components and project dependent libraries. When we create an ADF Library Jar file, the following ADF component(‘s) will be added to the jar file.

1. Application Module

2. Entity/View objects, links, and others

3. Task Flows (Bounded task flow & Unbounded task flow)

4. Templates (Page Templates and Task flow templates)

5. Tag libraries

6. Data Controls

7. DB Connections


The purpose of the ADF Library Jar file is for reuse. Below are some examples

1. Create an ADF project with Page or task flow template and make ADF library jar file from it. Add the jar file to other projects and reuse the templates

2. Reuse the application module methods, Entity and view objects

3. Reuse the data controls

4. Reuse the Resources and DB connections

Naming Convention

Always use enterprise-level naming rules while creating components for ADF projects that you are going to create ADF library jar file. Suppose if you give JDeveloper default names like app module as AppModuleImpl, project name as Model/ViewController or task flow as task-flow-definition.xml, the names will conflict with the project you are going to add it to a library. Ensure to provide the unique name to the ADF components that you are going to create a library.

1. Application name

2. Project Name (Model & ViewController)

3. Task Flow name (task-flow-definition.xml)

4. Package Name

5. Connection Name

6. Page Template Name

7. Component name

8. ADF Library Jar name

ADF Library Jar File Location

Use one common folder location (ex: c:\ADFLibs) to save the library jar files so that the folder can be added as a file connection in Resource Palette. From Resource palette, the ADF Library Jar file can be added or remove from the project.

In the next post, I have explained about how to create an ADF Library Jar file and add it to the project.

govindan What is ADF Library jar file
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govindan What is ADF Library jar file
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