How to turn off ADF form validation

Default the validation is turned on for UI component in ADF, that is true for adf-form as well. Consider a User registration form, when a user enters data and submits it, an action triggered to the server and creates an account. Most of the time we required validation before the form has been submitted like date format should be  MM/DD/YY and age should be a number. But for some situation we really don’t require validation like, deleting the form, navigate to another page, or resetting the form.

In the below example, I’ve tried to delete an empty form but it throws validation error and prints each UI component in the form is empty.

051516_0439_Howtoturnof1 How to turn off Oracle ADF form validation


To turn off the form validation while clicking the Delete button, Set the property immediate to true in the property inspector as shown below. After that, ADF will not validate the form whenever Delete action triggered.


051516_0439_Howtoturnof2 How to turn off Oracle ADF form validation


There is one exception here,  if you setting the immediate property to any of the input component  (inputText) in the Form then the validation occurs . I will cover the topic briefly in my another post.

govindan How to turn off Oracle ADF form validation
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govindan How to turn off Oracle ADF form validation
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