How to change ADF DVT Bar Chart color dynamically?

Today we have described how to change a bar chart color based on user input with a simple example. The bar chart is created from a jobs table in HR schema. The X-axis is referring to Job-Title, and Y-axis is referring to Max-Salary. The page uses <af:inputColor> component which provides user to change the color. Default, the chart rendered with blue color and the color changes dynamically based upon user selection.  

Download this project –  ADF Bar Chart Change Color

ADF DVT Bar Chart Change Color Example

1. Create an ADF Fusion Web Application and create a JSF page with backing bean 

2. Create an Entity and View Object of Jobs table from HR schema (Instruction to create ADF EO & VO)

3. Drag and drop Job view object from data control palette to the JSF page and select Chart in the pop up (Instruction to create ADF Bar chart)

4. Drop <af:inputColor> component from component to the JSF page and add the property (autoSubmit=true) as shown below


5. In the bar chart component, add the property partialTrigger points to id of <af:inputColor> as shown below


6. In the chartDataItem, add the property ‘color’ where value binds to  <af:inputColor> value


7. The final JSF page is below


8. The backing bean has the setter & getter methods of JSF components

9. After run the JSF page


Head-300x265 How to Change ADF DVT bar chart color dynamically

govindan How to Change ADF DVT bar chart color dynamically
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govindan How to Change ADF DVT bar chart color dynamically
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