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Oracle ADF FacesMessage – example

ADF FacesMessage using the standard JSF messaging API to display the message in the page. It supports four types of message boxes, which are Info, Warning, Error, and Severe. The addMessage() method in facesContext displays the message box in the center of the page if its first argument was NULL knows as Global Level Message, or the message displayed near to any of the components in the page known as Component Level Message.

In the following Section, we showed an example of displaying ADF facesmessage on button click both Global level and component level.

Global Level Message

Displays an Info box


062816_0455_FACESMESSAG1 Oracle ADF FacesMessage - example


Displays a Warning Message



062816_0455_FACESMESSAG2 Oracle ADF FacesMessage - example


Displays an Error Message


062816_0455_FACESMESSAG3 Oracle ADF FacesMessage - example


Displays a Fatal Message


062816_0455_FACESMESSAG4 Oracle ADF FacesMessage - example


Component Level Message

Displays a message near to the Input Text component

Below is the JSF content.Contains a inputText and button component.

The first argument of the addMessage() is the client id of the inputText, so the message box displays near to the inputText




062816_0455_FACESMESSAG5 Oracle ADF FacesMessage - example


That’s all. We have completed adf facesmessage. Please share your comments below if you have any questions. 

govindan Oracle ADF FacesMessage - example
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govindan Oracle ADF FacesMessage - example
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