Call ADF AppModule method from ADF Servlet

This section we walk through about calling an AppModule method in  HTTP servlet class.

  1. I have the following method in my AppModuleImpl class which prints country name


2. Expose the Appmethod module: Double click on the AppModule.Xml file, Click the Java,  Click the pencil icon on the Client Interface and move the method from Available area to the Selected area as shown below

Picture-300x146 Call ADF Application Module from servlet

Call AppModule method in HTTPServlet

3. Create a servlet class under the ViewController package and add the following lines inside the servlet method.This method calls the printCountries() method in the AppModuleImpl class.  I added it in the doPost() method, also it can be added in init(), doGet() or any other methods


String ‘appmod’ and ‘configname’ are taken from the AppModule as shown below

Image-300x104 Call ADF Application Module from servlet

4. Register the servlet class in your web.xml. That’s it.



govindan Call ADF Application Module from servlet
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govindan Call ADF Application Module from servlet
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