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ADF ListView Load More

Initially, the ADF list view loads an amount of rows mentioned in the Range Size property. A ‘Load More’ link is available at the bottom right corner of the list view component which is used to load next set of items when it got clicked. The list view will keep on grow until it fetches the last record from the table whenever the link got clicked. It gives very good performance because it does not load all the records in the single stretch. This section, we have explained how to create an ADF ListView Load More item using JDeveloper 12c

Download project: ADF ListView Load More

ADF ListView Load More – Example

1. Create an ADF Fusion Web application and create a JSF page in viewController

2. In the Model project, create VO from a table. I have created VO of Employee table in HR schema

3. Drop the table into the JSF page as shown below and select ADF List View

090416_0320_ADFListView1 ADF ListView Load More

4. Select ‘Panel group Layout’ and click Next

090416_0320_ADFListView2 ADF ListView Load More

5. Add table columns using the green plus icon

090416_0320_ADFListView3 ADF ListView Load More

6. Go to the Binding tab, Select the iterator, Set a value in range size. I set value as five so the list view loads five records

090416_0320_ADFListView4 ADF ListView Load More

7. The ‘Load More’ link will be appearing on the bottom right corner of the ListView. On clicking on the link will load the next set of records

090416_0320_ADFListView5 ADF ListView Load More

As you see below, it fetched next set of records. (1-5) changed to (1-10)

090416_0320_ADFListView6 ADF ListView Load More

govindan ADF ListView Load More
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govindan ADF ListView Load More
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