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ADF ListView – Example

This section, I have created an ADF listview with the little design. The following topics are described in this section

1. Create ADF ListView from a view object

2. Design ADF ListView using PanelGroupLayout

Download project ADFListView

ADF ListView – Example started

In my ADF Fusion application, I have created Employee Entity and View object. I have used the Employee View object to create the Listview. As shown below, I dropped the EmployeeView object from the data control palette into the JSF page and selected ADF List View to create ListView.

081516_0106_ADFListView1 ADF ListView – Example

Selected ‘Panel Group Layout.’

081516_0106_ADFListView2 ADF ListView – Example

Add the columns you like to this panel using the green plus icon

081516_0106_ADFListView3 ADF ListView – Example


It creates the listview like below. The default format is not good; we could modify this using PanelGroupLayout


The ListView must contain only one ListItem component and the columns are converted into outputFormatted. We could use the PanelGroupLayout to format the column values.As shown in the below diagram, the top box (PanelGroupLayout) is formatted like a row in a table and inner boxes  (PanelGroupLayout) are like cells in the row.Using the layout property, the contents inside the are either horizontal or vertical.

081516_0106_ADFListView4 ADF ListView – Example

Below is the re-designed ListView. I have used the PanelGroupLayout to make Rows and columns and made it like table kind of structure. I have represented smileys for the salary. The smileys changes depends on the salary.


ADF List View will render like below in the browser

081516_0106_ADFListView5 ADF ListView – Example

govindan ADF ListView – Example
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govindan ADF ListView – Example
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