ADF Dynamic Region – Example

As it name describes, ADF reloads the region component dynamically at run time. In this section, I have described the ADF Dynamic Region with an example. I have created three bounded task flow(Yellow, Green, and Blue). In one of my JSF page, I want to display these bounded task flow one at a time . In the following example, the red task flow is loaded by default on the screen; if user clicks on the blue link then ADF reloads the blue task flow, similarly for red and yellow as shown in the below image.

Create ADF tree table programmatically with checkbox selection

The following lines are detailed in this following section 1. Create ADF tree table programmatically 2. Adding checkbox to the ADF Tree table 3. Style ADF Tree table 4. Access the selected row data in ADF Tree table

ADF Save Point Restore activity

Using ADF save point restore activity, we can create multiple save points throughout the fusion web application and restore the application to a particular save point instance later time. When a save point gets created, ADF copies a snapshot of the application instance into a database table or in a Java cache object. ADF requires a unique ID to create a SavePoint and uses the same ID to restore the Savepoint.

ADF wildcard control flow rule

ADF Wild Card can be used in bounded and unbounded task flow. It is used to control what activity in a task flow Is allowed to access other activity in the same task flow. Use the single wildcard * if you want to allow any activity in the task flow allow to pass through the wild card. Use trailing wildcard index* if you want to restrict the activities in the task flow to pass through the wildcard.

ADF Router activity in Task Flow

You can use the ADF Router activity for conditional execution. The income to the Router activity is any task flow activity; it needs data for processing in the condition statement.The outcome of the Router activity may have one or more conditional statement and one default statement. The default statement executes when all the conditions are failed. The conditions are executed in EL expression.

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