Create an ADF table from ArrayList

In this section, we have created an ADF table from ArrayList the backing bean class. The backing bean has an ArrayList object holds country objects.The Country is a bean class having Name, Currency, Population in 2015, and population in 2030 attributes and its relevant setter, getter methods. The table component in the JSF page referring the ArrayList in its value attribute and the column component referring the country bean attributes to display the values.

Oracle ADF FacesMessage – example

ADF FacesMessage using the standard JSF messaging API to display the message in the page. It supports four types of message boxes, which are Info, Warning, Error, and Severe. The addMessage() method in facesContext displays the message box in the center of the page if its first argument was NULL knows as Global Level Message, or the message displayed near to any of the components in the page known as Component Level Message.

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Using ADF popup & show af:popup programmatically

ADF popup is an invisible component in the ADF page, used in conjunction with other components to display Dialogs, PanelWindows, menus, and not windows. In this section, I described an example of creating a popup with dialog box displays a message when a button clicked

create an ADF TreeTable Programmatically

Using the class ChildPropertyTreeModel, we could create treetable programmatically from the java class. The constructor of this class expects two parameters, first is a 'list' and later is a child property of the list. In the following section, I have shown an example of creating a treatable from a bean class. I have used dog breeds by the country of origin to show the hierarchy of treetable

Create ADF Tree Table

Create ADF Tree Table In ADF, Table Tree is a visual representation of hierarchical data. It displays the hierarchical data in a tree shaped format. The following are some examples of hierarchical data, Manager & Employee, Region & Country, Parent & children. In this section, I have created a tree using Region and Country tables [...]

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How to set Default selection in ADF SelectOneRadio

How to set Default selection in ADF SelectOneRadio On some situation, we may require one of the items in the 'Select One Radio.' is selected by default  To achieve this, copy the item value that needs to be selected and assign it to the value of 'ADF SelectOneRadio' as shown below   That's it. Output is like below  

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ADF Method Call Activity in a Bounded Task Flow

Method Call Activity in a Bounded Task Flow in ADF A bounded task flow activity is capable of calling a bean method or an AppModule method directly inside the task flow. In this section, we have provided an example of ADF method call activity. The below image is the snapshot of the example; a view [...]

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Stretch width and height of an ADF Table – afstretchwidth

Stretch the width of ADF Table - afstretchwidth I have faced an issues on rendering an ADF table in a browser. I have an ADF table surrounded by a Panel Collection inside a Panel Stretch layout. As shown in the below picture, the page is not rendering properly in the browser. The width and height of [...]

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ADF Task Flow Parent action activity

ADF Task Flow Parent Action activity   The parent activity in the bounded task flow passes the navigation outside of the region to the parent view. In the following image, I have a 'Button C' inside a bounded task flow is a region component in B.jsf. When a user clicks the 'Button C', the navigation [...]

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