ADF Bounded Task Flow – Return Activity Example

ADF Bounded Task Flow – Return Activity Return activity is an activity in the bounded task flow, where a bounded task flow completes its control flow and return the control to the caller. We can use the RETURN activity only within the bounded task flow. In this post, a bounded task flow BTF1 is calling another [...]

Bounded Task flow – Navigation Example

Bounded Taskflow – Example2 In the previous post, I have described creating a very first Bounded Task Flow without any navigation logic. In this topic, we walk through about creating a Bounded Task Flow with Navigation. The following things are covered in this topic. 1 Create an ADF Fusion application 2 Create a Bounded Task [...]

what is ADF Bounded TaskFlow – Example

What is ADF Bounded Taskflow - Example Bounded Taskflow is a kind of Task flow in ADF, has a single entry point and zero or more exit points. It contains navigation login, activities and managed beans. Unlike unbounded task flow, it allows reuse, parameters, transaction management, and reentry. By default, JDeveloper created the following file [...]

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ADF Unbounded task flow Example

ADF Unbounded Task Flow Example  ADF Task Flow is a modular way of managing the control flow in an application. In a normal web application, we usually use a web.xml or struts-config.xml to take care of all the navigation logic in the application. If the application grows then the navigation between the pages also grown [...]

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Create an ADF Template – example

Create an ADF Template – example When we are navigating through a web site, ex: or Facebook.come, we might notice the header, footer, company Logo, copyright information will come across all the pages on the site. They are the static contents that are not get duplicated on every page; Only the content will vary. [...]

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Create an ADF custom Validator – example

ADF custom validator - Example    Business requires specific needs to validate data. Example: 'SSN'. SSN is a 9-digit number and format should be like '000-000-0000'. ADF does not have any default validator to validate the SSN but ADF provides a way to create our own custom validation. Below are the steps to create custom [...]

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ADF Server side validation – Email Validation

ADF Server side validation – Email validation In my previous post, I have described client side validation using the regular expression. In this post, I have explained about validate an email address using ADF server side validation. Pre-Requisite JDeveloper 12C ADF page with Form Process Open the JSF page >> Double click on the field [...]

Client side validation in ADF pages – Email validation

ADF Client side validation – Email validation ADF supports both server side and client side validation. Server side validation is where we write the validation code on the Java class, so when a user input data in the JSF page, the value will send to the server for validation and the server response back with [...]

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Access Server Files and directories using WebLogic -Directory listing

Access Server Files and directories using WebLogic -Directory -listing Sometimes, we may have a requirement to access the server files, directory and others files on the server . One such requirement is user wants to access the WebLogic server log files but he does not possess read or write access to the machine. WebLogic provides [...]

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How to create an oracle ADF form validation

How to Create an Oracle ADF Form validation In this section, we are going to create a simple ADF form validation, which validates an employee's form.  The ADF validator checks if the salary of the employee is greater than 10000 then the length of the phone number length must be ten characters before the user submitting [...]

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