Calculate cost required to construct a Solar Generator at Home

I have planned to install a Solar generator at my home in Madurai, TN, India  and mentioned below the description of the planned estimate. Construction of Solar generator involved four components. 1. Solar Panels. 2. Batteries 3. Charge Controller. 4. Invertor 5. Wiring, Fuse and Other stuff. Calculate your house power need I have calculated [...]

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Mass search and rename file names on Windows 7 using Powershell

Windows power shell has command line utility to rename file names recursively. Here below I have renamed a file maven-metadata-local.xml to maven-metadata.xml under a folder recursively. 1. Go to Windows Start menu and type 'Windows powerShell' and click the powershell . 2. Go to the directory where you rename files and type the command similar [...]

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How to apply US Visa stamping interview in India. H1B and H4 together

Apply US Visa stamping interview in India    Next month I'm planning to travel to India from the USA. As of now, I don't have a valid Visa stamped in my passport, so I applied H1B visa stamping interview for myself and H4 for my wife . This process involves two steps 1. Fill DS160 [...]

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Ho to apply UK Transit Visa / Direct Aside Transit / DAT?

 Direct Aside Transit  / Transit Visa have planned to travel from the USA to INDIA via LONDON HETHREW airport with a layover of 3 hours. I have applied for the UK transit visa in the US because my US H1B visa stamping in my passport has expired.  I would like to share the information about the [...]

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